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Missi's Book Reviews

Heartwarming and well written books that kids of any age will enjoy. Excellent writing and excellent artwork ! Can’t wait for the next book!!

Casey C.

Absolutely LOVE your books, wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations! A must read, truly hoping to see more books!

Kathleen D.

Just received the 2nd book (sequel) written by Michael Kennedy! Adorable children’s stories about dogs!

As a CADASIL survivor, both books raise awareness as well as provide colorful and easy to read stories.

They were both purchased as gifts for my physical therapists’ baby boy!

Plus in the first book, one of the dogs names is Bella (same as our dog) AND another one of the dogs name is Max (same as my therapists’ dogs’ name).

Laura L.

I have both books Tucker’s Surprise and Billie's Vacation and I adore them both so much the stories are so adorable I can’t wait to share them with my nieces and nephew!! I really appreciate the fact that you do this to help cure CADASIL simply amazing!

Amanda P.

We bought both Tucker’s Surprise and Billie’s Vacation to share with our grand daughter on her Friday Night sleep overs. Now she only wants to read them and nothing else!

Tammy and Frank

We LOVE both Tucker’s Surprise and Billie’s Vacation! We are dog people and have 2 rescue dogs so we really enjoyed both books, especially Tucker’s Surprise!

Heidi H.

After being read to a first grade class the students were asked if they liked Gracee's Gang; first it was given a thumbs up, then two thumbs up and finally a little girl named Ashley stated; "I wish I had another give it more thumbs up!"

Ashley (1st grade)

We just received our copies of Billie’s Vacation and Tucker’s Surprise - loved them both - Tucker’s Surprise was especially heartwarming and had us close to tears near the end (happy tears). Thank you!!

Kelly R.

I just wanted to share with you that my husband and I purchased your first two books not realizing our daughter did also. We had ours here when our 6 year old grandson needed to bring a book to school for a gift exchange with his first grade class. His mom asked him did he want to bring these books? “No, I love these books, they are two of my favorites”!! She explained he still had his at home. He was excited that he could gift these special books to a classmate!!. Great writing !!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to share these wonderful stories!


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